Paddle rental at Serre Ponçon lake

Need a moment of relaxation and leisure? Want to discover a new sporting activity in a sublime setting? Our leisure base Sbrava Nautique offers paddle rental for individuals. Take full advantage of the dream setting offered by Lake Serre-Ponçon while discovering this superb nautical activity of paddleboarding. Proprioception, balance, navigation, fun, muscle building, sharing with family or friends are the key words that define this activity.

Paddle: a sport for all

For the youngest, paddleboarding will be preferable in the morning because the lake is calmer (less wind, waves and less water activity), which promotes stability and maintaining a course with the paddle

Our inflatable and rigid Stand up paddle (SUP)

Paddleboarding is an activity to practice with family or friends. Very fun, it allows you to share a good moment of relaxation and promote group cohesion.Sbrava Nautique offers two types of paddle:

Holdup inflatable stand-up paddle


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The “Holdup” brand inflatable paddle board provides very good gliding on the water. A very versatile machine thanks to its reduced weight and good stability. Holdup innovates and offers you the possibility of adapting a seat on the board so that itturns into a kayak! You have the choice of standing or seated.

The paddle that all other paddle boards envy us. Paddle for SUP also kayak paddle, 2 in 1

Rotomod rigid stand-up paddleboard (RTM)


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This rigid paddle is intended for beginners. It has been designed in such a way as to offer very good stability to anyone who wants to get started with the practice. It offers a maximum lift of 140 kg. Once aboard the Stand-up paddle, there is no question of capsizing!

Rental price of a paddle:

How much does it cost to rent a paddle?

Stand up paddle: from € 15 for one hour to € 55 for the day
Inflatable Holdup: from 17 € for one hour to 60 € for the day

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How to get up on a paddle?

Sbrava Nautique informs you about the gestures and techniques to apply in order to get back on your paddle. Once on board, you will have to get up gradually until you are standing with your paddle in your hand. Paddleboarding is a balancing act. And when you step out of your comfort zone to try to make progress, the fall happens at one point or another. So how do you go about standing on a paddle board? Start by holding your paddle with one hand and then position it alongside the board. Then come and position yourself on your knees gradually. You really have to take your time and not go too fast. Here you are on your knees on your paddle! Position yourself well in the center of the board then come put one foot, then the other and get up slowly.

How to get back on a paddle?

Did you lose your balance in the middle of the lake and fell into the water? Now you need to get back on your paddle! Don’t worry, it’s not very difficult. Start by resting your paddle on it so that you have both hands free. Then stand on the edge of your paddle. You do not go up either from the front or the back. Then pull yourself up onto the board, using your arms until you can rest your chest or stomach on it. Get on your knees and then stand up gradually. Be vigilant with your paddle throughout your ascent. Here you are again! A little note now that you know how to get back on a paddle: when you feel yourself falling, drop into the water, it will hurt less than falling on your board. Then put our advice into practice!

Why paddle board?

The practice of paddle has many benefits. Sbrava nautique lists you through these 8 criteria that it’s time to take the plunge and get on your board!

Whether for beginners or for the more advanced, paddleboarding is ideal for working on your balance. If you practice it regularly, you will notice a gain in tone and a slimmer silhouette.

The paddle is suitable for all. Everyone progresses at their own pace depending on their physical condition, apprehension, experience, etc.
It is suitable for both children and adults.

Paddleboarding is the combination of fun and a change of scenery. You will perform, without even realizing it, your workout. Now is the time to disconnect from your routine and take a deep breath. Enjoy the present moment, the calm of the water and the nature around you.

You enjoy family moments, sport with your children at the edge of lakes and rivers. Paddle is a sport which is rather practiced in groups and families to make it more fun. You will further develop your bonds between loved ones and we guarantee you many bursts of laughter!

Can paddle boarding make you hesitate a little, or are you afraid to give it a go? This is normal, because it is practiced on the water and on the other hand because it’s a balancing act. But in reality, it only takes a quarter of an hour (approximately) before you find the balance and your body gets used to your board. You will be satisfied with how quickly you will progress and handle your paddle and therefore your board.

In addition to the physical benefits of paddling, you will totally disconnect your brain and smile naturally thanks to the environment, the fresh air around you and the present moment. Goodbye to the daily routine. Relaxation and fun will be there.

Paddleboarding doesn’t require a lot of artillery in terms of equipment. Its board, paddle and protective equipment (life jacket) are sufficient. The equipment is easily transported on its own.

The paddle remains a sport of discovery. With this high position on your board, you will have an overview of the lake from any location. You can move wherever you want in complete safety.