Canoe kayak rental at Serre Ponçon lake

Looking for a moment of relaxation or exploration at Lake Serre-Ponçon? Want to find a quiet cove to bask in the sun or have a family picnic? Sbrava Nautique offers you a canoe kayak rental to fully enjoy Lake Serre-Ponçon. Explore the Ubaye in silence, at the rhythm of your paddle, and enjoy the landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes while sailing on the turquoise blue lake of Serre-Ponçon. Create your own adventure on your canoe, with family or friends, find the perfect and wild cove to enjoy the summer, cool off in a special moment!

Canoe rental

Canoe rental price:

How much does it cost to rent a canoe?

Canoe Treck: from € 15 per hour to € 55 per day
Canoe Canadia:from € 17 per hour to € 60 per day

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Canoë Treck


2/3 places

This canoe is ideal for beginners. It is intended for two adults, possibly with a child between 5 and 10 years old in addition. This canoe is of the “sit on top” type, it has no skirt and it is pierced with small holes so that the water can be drained easily. It is easy to get back on the Treck canoe after a fall: stability is there and thanks to its shape it holds the course well. Perfect for families and people looking for a quiet stroll on Lake Serre-Ponçon

Canoë Canadia


2/3/4 places

This canoe is designed for 3 adult places, but it is possible to replace the 3rd adult by 2 children between 5 and 10 years old. This canoe is stable and efficient, it will take you on your adventures with family or friends on Lake Serre-Ponçon!

Kayak rental

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Where to canoe kayak?

Departing from our nautical base on the beach of St Vincent les Forts in the town of Ubaye Serre-Ponçon, set off for a few hours or for the day to discover the corners of Lake Serre-Ponçon thanks to a canoe kayak rental. The Ubaye side offers you its landscapes and wild coasts, but you can go explore as far as Chorges, Savines or Embrun. Chanteloube bay, Bois Vieux … Respect the navigation rules and enjoy your holidays and the panoramas of the Hautes-Alpes and the Alpes de Haute-Provence, during a memorable canoe kayak trip. Thanks to the kayak you will have access to wild coves, to beaches inaccessible from the road, to enjoy it with family or friends. Create a privileged moment, far from the crowded beaches of Baie St Michel, in this setting of the Alps, for a picnic or a swimming session in peace.

location canoe kayak

What is the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

At Sbrava Nautique to facilitate the recognition of boats between canoes and kayaks we opt for the following solution:
several places equal canoe one place equals kayak. Whether you are in a canoe with several people or a single kayak you can choose a single or double paddle as you wish.

From a more technical point of view, we can distinguish them as follows:

The canoe is a canoe handled with a single paddle (only one side of the paddle enters the water), which navigates rivers and lakes. Canoeing is native to the peoples of North America. It is now intended for recreational and sporting nautical practices. The canoe can carry several people.

The kayak is a light canoe guided in a seated position using a double paddle. Its origin is Inuit.

The difference between a canoe and a kayak therefore depends on two criteria: